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We have built software that integrates to building enterprise applications.

Custom Architectural Web Development

We focus on planning your development according to the right architecture needed by your product, from large to small scaled projects we have vast experience to get your idea/product out their, always following the best development principles.

Web Development

You need an eshop in prestashop/magento or a Content Management System like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla? We have vast experience in working with all these and we can even integrate custom solutions for you. We are ready to assist and build your solution always looking at the budget in hand and planning with you, so that you always get the product/idea you really wanted.

Front End Development

Do you have a wicked API and you want your solution to have another layer so that you can separate everything, we love that idea and we have worked with almost all Javascript frameworks. We take our front end development serious and it is serious development. Also we work hard in performance and we may even work on performance issues to your application/web development, working on all bottlenecks so that everything runs faster and smoother.

Phone Applications

We all know that we are moving fast to having our Phone as our main source of keeping up to date with everything or searching fast for something. We build Hybrid and Native Apps and have vast experience in getting you the right UI to the best architecture to supporting your App.


We know that this is a Big game and we work hard to getting you the best organic search results. This certainly needs a good plan and the right tools to getting you the results you want when someone searches for you. We offer an all round service where we work hard to doing all the right things to boosting your search results.


You need us to build you a great Facebook App or get you a great Facebook, Instagram or any other social page ready? Do you need a social plan with someone always keeping your audience engaged to your product, we offer this service to you and we are ready to work a great plan for you.

Hosting and Managed Servers

We offer Hosting and we can manage your server for you, always keeping up to the right patches so that everything runs smoothly. We also have experience working on the cloud with services like Amazon or Azure, speak to us for your requirements and we can tailor the best hosting service for you.

About Us

Gegoweb is an information technology development company which is based in Athens, Greece which has extensive experience in web and mobile development.

Every project is treated like its one of ours and we focus on clean, robust developments with an eye for keeping things simple and clean.

We have experience in all aspects of the development cycle and we believe that we are streamlined to the ever changing IT market so that we are always competitive to the best international standards.

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